About Us

At Smoldering Serpents, we focus on producing a variety of snakes, mostly colubrids, and prioritizing high care standards for all of our animals whether they are bred or not. Between the two of us, we have been keeping reptiles for the better part of 20 years and have grown significantly over time in our understanding of these animals and the ways that we can push our husbandry forward for their benefit.

All of our 55 snakes are pets first to us and we have enjoyed building large, naturalistic and complex enclosures for all of them from scratch. This has been an enormous project that is still underway but we’re starting to see the finish line. The process of learning how to make the inside of an enclosure as usable and beneficial to each individual animal has been a lot of fun and eye opening to how much can be done within the space we give each snake.

We take great care to ensure our hatchlings go to homes that will treat them well and appreciate them for the individual animals they are. A sale will not go through until we’ve had the chance to talk a bit with a potential customer to get a feel for where our hatchling might be headed. We firmly believe that there are a large number of ways to take good care of a snake so we aren’t looking for anything in particular most of the time, but we like to get a brief overview of a person’s care standards and goals with their animals before selling them one of our own. We also are more than happy to chat about the species we keep whether a person buys from us or not. Our goal is to be one example of what a small scale breeder can look like and to both learn new practices from others as well as pass on our experiences to the community.